What is the role of Tris base ( CAS No: 77-86-1 ) in cosmetics ?


Tris Base is an important biological buffer with a pKa of 8.06 at 25°C and a pH buffer range of 7.0-9.0。Tris Base is also a cosmetic formula ingredient,which is safe and mid.


As a cosmetic additive, Tris Base is commonly found in some high-end cosmetics, covering Japanese, Korean ,European and American products. For example, LANEIGE Water Bank Serise、Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask、 SK-II Facial Treatment Essence、Clarins Double Serum, etc. Deserve to be mentioned is that Tris Base is also used in maternal and child products,and it exists in the Giving Baby Moisturizing Soft Cream.


What is the role of Tris Base in cosmetics?

As a cosmetic formula ingredient, it is mainly used to adjust the pH value. Only in the normal pH range (4.5 to 6.5) can the skin absorb nutrients optimally.The addition of acid-base regulators such as Tris Base can make the product approach the pH value of the skin surface and make it more skin-friendly.

In addition, Tris Base is also commonly used to neutralize thickeners. Mixing with carbomer can reduce the stickiness of products such as lotions and creams, improve the cellular breathing efficiency of facial skin, make the cellular breathing more smooth, and avoid clogging of pores.


Tris Base is also a dissolution enhancer of salicylic acid, which can prevent the precipitation of salicylic acid and thus ensure the stability of the product.


Tris Base also plays a role in odor regulation,which in cosmetics containing amine salts.


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