• CasNo6197-30-4
  • Molecular FormulaC24H27NO2
  • Molecular Weight361.48
  • Purity99.0%min
  • Packing25kg or 200kg/drum
  • Appearancelight yellow liquid

Product Details

Quick Details

  • CasNo: 6197-30-4
  • Molecular Formula: C24H27NO2
  • Appearance: light yellow liquid
  • Delivery Time: in stock
  • Packing: 25kg or 200kg/drum
  • Throughput: 80 tons / month
  • Purity: 99.0%min

Octocrylene / UV 3039/ PARSOL 340



Cas No: 6197-30-4

Chemical Properties: Clear yellow viscous liquid with mild characteristic odor, Miscible in methanol, n-butanol, ethyl acetate, mineral oil, hexane, toluene. Immiscible in water. Octocrylene is an effective oil soluble liquid UV‐B filter. It has excellent dissolving properties for crystalline UV filters.


Uses: Octocrylene is an ingredient used in sunscreens for its ability to absorb UV rays, protecting the skin from sun damage.   It is chemically related to cinnamates. It can be used to boost SPF and improve water resistance in a given formulation.   Octocrylene is photostable and can improve the photostability of other sunscreens.


Test Item

Test standard


Clear yellow viscous liquid


UV absorber at 303nm differ: ≤ 3.0%


95.0% - 105.0%

Individual impurity

≤ 0.5%

Total impurities

≤ 2.0%

Relative density(25℃)

1.045 - 1.055

Refractive Index (20℃)

1.560 - 1.570



1. Cosmetic field

Octocrylene is a UVB sunscreen with strong water-resistant properties and a rather broad-band absorption range.  It exhibits good photostability, and is being evaluated by many companies as an effective SPF booster and waterproofing enhancer.  with an approved usage level of 7.0-10.0% in both the united States and the european union.


  1. Industrial field

Recommend Dosage: 0.1-1.0% . (Actually can adjust a little based on  substrate and performance

requirements of the final application )


- It’s a liquid UV Absorber , it is compatible with all common plasticizers.

- It’s particularly suitable for the stabilization of  PVC-p and PVC plastisols.

- It can also be used in PUR, Polyesters and PMMA to improve the anti-aging performance of material when exposed to UV radiation.



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